The extraordinarily talented Radana Tucker, clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, musician and very experienced yoga teacher is holding a yoga class at Community Library Samford @Samford Commons where the glasshouses are on Wednesday 13 June at 9.30am. The cost is $15 and the money raised will help establish a permanent community hub and library for everyone to access.

If you have always wanted to try yoga, this is a great opportunity. Radana believes that no one is too old or out of shape or busy to do yoga. While not everyone can do handstands, there are different types of yoga that focus on different areas of well-being. Some types of yoga are cardio intense and some types focus on movements that tone your body. Some just help you relax. Radanas extensive experience guarantees she will find the right one for you.

Recently a friend posted a photo of a 102 year old doing yoga. What impressed me was that in the background was the centenarians walker. If she can do it so can you. Come and give it a try.

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