Here are a few more Drabbles by that master of the form, Rollo Waite, whose work in this style of writing we have already showcased here on our Website.   These next ones are simply superb examples of the idea of a Drabble – i.e a story that has exactly 100 words, not one more or less.


He stopped by the graveyard for a sign or an idea. It was bright and breezy today on his usual walk to nowhere—but nothing inspirational appeared.

Then he saw an ancient lady patiently placing flowers on a grave. She smiled and he went over.

“Sadness, more sadness?” he asked.

“No, not really. He’s gone and that’s that.” There was a sort of fatalistic finality. “But he deserves some respect for being here. What goes with you?”

“No one here as yet—just a sort strange fascination.”

“Well that’s nice. Maybe someday … Come home and we’ll have a cuppa.”


All creatures

“Oh for the freedom to fly with the birds or relax like a cat. In fact all God’s creatures are better off than us.”

“Don’t be stupid Rupert. You surely don’t mean that?”

“Why not Mel? We’re supposed to be the keepers of this planet and what a mess we make of it and how miserable we are”

She turned away impulsively from this man who seemingly despised his humanity.  “You could always set up in a zoo somewhere as a poor excuse for homo sapiens.”

“ Yes Mel , I’d really like that. I really hope, with the monkeys”



Inspiration, motivation has left me for dead. Last night you  fired my soul, but here I am tonight struggling to put words—no thoughts—together in a meaningful  way.

He paused, expecting some thunder clap from above to waken him from his chronic inertia. He was old and disillusioned with life. Old age ain’t funny.

Yes how do I relinquish through necessity those things I was good at, that I once loved. I’ve squeezed this orange dry of its sweetness and now suck the bitter lemon of redundancy.

He had his nightly beer—all  was well again—for the moment

Splendid stuff I am sure you will agree.   Should you feel moved to write a Drabble, don’t hesitate to send it to us for publication here on our website (all copyright remains with the author) as we would really be happy to show off our considerable local talent.

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