The Community Library Samford Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit, volunteer-run “swap and drop” library and community hub which:-

Interest groups are welcome to use our space. Please text Julie on 0426719511 if you would like to use our facility.

Books and a Cuppa:

When the library is open, all are welcome to drop in for a cuppa, a read and a chat, especially those somewhat older members of the local community.

We have comfortable chairs, tables and friendly people who would be very happy to welcome you to the library – a library where people are actually encouraged to talk, silence may be golden, but not in our library.

Useful links to help you find your way around our website

If you follow the various links below, you will be taken to a range of information, all of which we hope will help you join us, find us, know what we are doing in the library and other useful things.

Joining the library – Click Here

Calendar of Activities – Click Here

Community Activities – Click Here

Book Sales – Click Here

Volunteering – Click Here

Contacting us – Click Here

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