Our library is a community meeting place wholly run by volunteers…of which there are never enough. We try to meet community needs while having fun as we work. These are some of the things we do and some of the things about to happen.

Linda Harvey coordinates the library /Support Network activities and does library-sitting. (Photo: Peter Storer)

LIBRARY-SITTING — Volunteers look after the library in shifts on Wednesdays between 9 and 5 and on Saturdays between 2 and 5. The library-sitters help folk find what they need, run our very simple borrowing system and shelve returned books. HELP NEEDED.

SAMFORD SUPPORT NETWORK MORNING TEA AT THE LIBRARY — our first morning tea is on June 22. This is a trial to ascertain if the SSN clients would like to come monthly. IF YOU CAN HELP THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL.

STORYTIME – every Wednesday at 11.00am. Parents and young children are invited to join us each week to hear stories, chant rhymes, and react to stories through craft, movement and music. STORYTELLERS WELCOME.

 THREE O’CLOCK BOOK CLUBevery second Saturday (June 9, July 16) and every fourth Wednesday of each month. The book club revolves around topics and is open to everyone. June’s topic is “Rural literature”. The library has a book selection (both fiction and non-fiction) or you can bring a book you’ve enjoyed to share. Tea and coffee are available. COORDINATOR NEEDED.

THE YARN CROWD — Every Wednesday at 2pm. Bring your crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing, or mending to do while you sit and chat with new and old friends about life, books, movies, TV, whatever you will. HARDY FOLK WILLING TO SHOW OTHERS HOW TO CREATE THINGS and those who want to learn, come along.

Gessica and Courtney playing board games in the library.

BOARD AND UNBORED GAMES — The first Saturday of the month at 2pm. Board games lovers, puzzle lovers and those who like theatre games are invited to enliven the library with laughter. The session on the first Saturday of each month is for teens, the session on the last Saturday of the month is for the young at heart. Games are always available for keen players. HELP NEEDED.

SORTING — We have been given thousands and thousands of books etc., which need to be categorized.  I feel a BOOK SALE coming on as when plans for the Commons are finalized we will have to move them all. Sorting is book-lovers’ heaven. You never know what treasure you will find. HELP NEEDED.

THE POO PILE — If you can’t afford to go to the gym and you don’t mind getting a bit of dirt on your hands, you can help both the community library and Equine Action Queensland raise funds for their future. HELP NEEDED.

YOGA IN THE LIBRARY— Wonderful Radana Tucker is running a yoga session in the library on June 13 to raise funds for the establishment of our permanent library space. The Cost is $15. Morning tea and fun provided. Come join us.

Contact us:-   Contact us in the Blue Building @ Samford Commons where the glasshouses are (2204 Mt Samson Rd) when we’re open or email us at communitylibrarysamford@gmail.com.

Library Hours: Wednesdays 9 to 5 and

Saturdays 2 to 5

Facebook: Community Library Samford

Website: www.binderskeepers.com.au



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