Here is a remarkably heartfelt poem about a rescue horse – William – that Dayboro poet, Lisa S has written about her much loved horse.  As you can see in this photograph, he was a very fine looking fellow.

The Unloved Ones:

I bought your horse today –
the one you threw away.
I bought your horse today –
he has a forever place to stay.
I bought your horse today
the one that was too old.
I bought your horse today
so a different ending could be told.

A different one to the one you wrote
when you sent him where you did.
A different one to the hell you foretold
when you wrote a different “the end”.
Your horse is a loving, gentle soul
how did you miss these beautiful things?
Your horse is a once in a lifetime horse
a four-legged angel with wings.

He will live out his days with the love and care
that you didn’t think he deserved
for all the years he worked for you
after all the years he served.
You didn’t think he was worth that
because he cost too much to feed.
You weren’t interested in loving him
and catering to his needs.

The situation you placed him in
was an unfair thing to do.
On a truck with ten other horses,
all pushing and kicking their hooves.
He is a very old boy now,
that much, you’re right, is true.
And the trip would have seen him trampled and hurt
still you thought it was the right thing to do.

He deserves, like all four-legged friends,
to end his days in peace.
He deserves to go with a loving hand
stroking him while he feasts
on his favourite food and his favourite treats
while his heart ceases to beat.
He deserves a grave with a beautiful wreath
while his person is wracked with grief.

That person now is me. Not you.
For I bought him on that day.
The day you chose for him to die
in a very stressful way.
But that day, it will not happen now,
for his fate is sealed with me
and while my heart will break for him,
I will allow him to be free.
I will give him the dignity he deserves
because that’s what people do.
The people who rescue the unloved ones,
From the people just like you.

There is another poem about William, which we will be publishing in the next few days, so keep checking here.

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