Here our intrepid book reviewer-in-Chief, Angela Galvin tells us (Briefly) about curious events in Paris.

Red on………….

You are Invited to lose yourself in the glamorous world of Olivier and Madison Malin – glamorous French Philosopher and gorgeous American actress.

There is lot of getting lost in this book – starting with the Malins seven year old daughter Sabine who goes missing from a roller coaster at Play World – Europe’s largest theme park.

There the new nanny Anna who loses her way – the strange old Concierge who gets stranger by the chapter.  Even the couple themselves.

And of course underlying it all is Paris – the getting lost is the delight of this book the descriptions of cafes, streets – even the shrine of St Catherine Laboure on the Rue du Bac ( its real – I went in search of it when we were in Paris last year and I bought several of the medals).

From the first page you are drawn into this complex and pretty world and led along to discover the characters, their melodrama and their city.  Utterly wonderful from start to finish.

Where to get this book?   Amazon of course!

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