Here is another book review by our resident book reviewer, Angela Galvin, see if you agree with her assessment of this book……….

If I don’t like a book I won’t finish it so you will never see a review of it from me. And you won’t see a negative review either – as just because I don’t enjoy something doesn’t mean you won’t or indeed that I won’t in the future.

Take “The Hobbit” as a prime example I have tried to read that book several times over the years but it wasn’t until the day we visited Hobbiton (the film set  in New Zealand) – that I downloaded and actually got past chapter three and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So this book – is the story of four US Air-force wives from 1936 until the early 1970s.

Four very different personalities thrown together into a makeshift village on a Base in the UK and eventually back to the US.  Over four decades they add children, divorces, new marriages, careers and grand children.  There is an interesting insight into the cultural and societal changes occurring in the world at the time – from Television to working women.

It’s a bit like a chick flick without the “ feel good” ending. I liked it because I finished it and I can recommend it if this style of book is your usual read.

If you think you might like to read this book, we might well have a copy in our library, if someone else hasn’t beaten you to it, of course!

Otherwise you can get it here – Click on this link.

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