Here we have a heartfelt short story from Mary about the current horrible situation in our part of the world…..

The Big Dry  –  Mary Mageau

This land, where not a drop of rain has fallen for over three years and the ground, cross-hatched with deep cracks and dry fissures, lies baking in the blistering sun. Here every puff of wind reorganizes the loose dust and topsoil into rising and falling dunes. Each desiccated tree—if you can still find one standing—every withered bush or clump of bleached grass, and even the land itself cries out for rain.

Spare a thought for the farmers who work 24/7 under impossible conditions, to grow the food to fill our plates.

Spare a thought for the cattleman who watches his last prize bull―the end of generations of his finest breeding stock―being loaded onto a truck and driven away. Neighbours have all told him not to turn around and look back.

“Great hamburgers today folks! How about chips and salad on the side?”

Spare a thought for the frightened farmer’s wife hiding her husband’s gun, so his life won’t end before this drought does.

Spare a thought for these folks on the land waiting for the banks to foreclose on them, while hand feeding their dwindling herds with donated hay.
It is time now to pray!

And finally spare a thought for the land itself. We weep for you too, our tears the only moisture you will ever receive – you worn out, threadbare, dusty old rag of a country.

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