This Saturday (the second Saturday of the month) we invite readers to join us for The Three O’clock Book Club at Samford Commons where the glasshouses are. A second “session”of the Book Club will be held on the fourth Wednesday (Wed 23 May) for those unable to make it on Saturday.

Because the Book Club is topic based, different books will be probably be explored at each session. The topic for this month is WAR LITERATURE, both fiction and non-fiction.

We have some books on the topic for those of you who have not read any books related to war. Not all of the books are “bang bang” for many explore the depths of human resilience and humanity like the work of Anthony Doerr, some are love stories, some are about courage, some are the stories of women and children caught by conflict.

Even if you haven’t read anything on the topic, come for the chat and a cuppa ($2 to cover costs). It’s a great chance to pick up something to read that is recommended by others and to meet new friends

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