The Lengths We Will Go To For Our Books

Here is another collection of quotes that demonstrate how odd our reactions to books may be and how funny (sometimes in a left-handed sort or a way) they can be too.   As before, read on…..  Libraries may be hallowed repositories of scholarship and erudition, but ever since Aristotle first began amassing papyrus scrolls, they […]

Riding Camels In The Taklmakan Desert

Riding camels in which desert I hear you ask?   Well, it is in China and is one of the largest deserts in the world, but not known outside China for some reason. We had decided to go wandering on our own (my wife Lotty, and I) during our summer break from our work in Beijing. […]

A Tudor Murder? A Mystery Still……

Here we have Paul Hannah’s latest look at British history and some of its more unlikely mysteries.    Read on and see what you think. Henry VIII’s daughter,  Princess Elizabeth Tudor was 25 years old and under house arrest at Hatfield when she heard the news of her sister Mary’s death, an event that instantly […]

Samsonvale Cemetery, By Margie Riley

Here we have an odd one, a peaceful and gentle reflection on a cemetery, of all things.  As one who knows this cemetery very well I understand exactly why Margie is so taken with it, and I can absolutely recommend you to visit it yourself. Samsonvale Cemetery – Reflections  Yesterday, an overcast grey day,  I visited […]

American Eagles in WWI

American Eagles in WWI By: Paul Hannah. American aviation in WWI was a pretty sorry affair. While the US Army Air Force had 280 aircraft in 1917 – none of them had ever had a machine gun fitted, none had dropped or even could drop a bomb – they didn’t even have cameras for photo […]

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet – Haunting Song

I first heard this haunting small tune over a year ago, but it refuses to leave me alone.  The sound of that man’s quavery voice, even with its shades of Spike Milligan, is captivating in its simplicity and purity. Before I start to discuss it, I feel that you need to hear it, so you […]

How to Read a Book – Is This the Future? Funny Video

So, how do you read a “real” paper book?  I know, we can all do that, but will we still know how to in, say 50 years time?  We have all seen those videos of small children trying to swipe to the next page in their kiddies books, as they have been brought up on […]

The Isolator – The Ultimate Helmet For Students

Here is a truly curious bit of arcana, the Isolator Helmet, the dream child of a rather odd man by the name of Hugo Gernsback who “invented” this weird device in 1925 as an aid to concentration.   He reasoned as follows :  When working, the main problem is distraction, so if you can isolate the […]