No Place For A Woman – By Mary Mageau.

¨No Place for a Woman¨ is a thoughtful offering from one of our regular contributors, about the very real problems that faced and probably still do face, women who live on very remote farms. Marie sat alone. Finishing her evening meal she gazed at the sun, a rim of orange over darkening hills. Her two […]

Landscapes Remembered – A Short Story By Mary Mageau

Mary Mageau, one of our most productive contributors has ventured into a completely new area in the following story – she has tried the paranormal for the first time, and if this story is anything to go by, then she has found one of her many strengths – Read on and you shall see. Landscapes […]

A Free eBook Offer “For the Love of Trees” Mary Mageau

A free ebook offer from one of our main contributing writers, Mary Mageau. If this brief introduction to her book on trees intrigues you, please follow the link at the bottom of the text to obtain the actual ebook. —————————————————– For The Love Of Trees So many people love and enjoy trees. Dame Judi Dench […]

The Commandant by Jessica Anderson – Book review: by Mary Mageau

My copy of this book, The Commandant by Jessica Anderson, was purchased as a second hand copy from Booktopia. It arrived in perfect condition and has been donated to the Community Library. Once I opened its covers I became so absorbed in its rich content I could hardly close the book or put it down. […]

Flying Blind – Mary Mageau

‘This has been an absolute bugger of a weekend! Thirty-six hours without sleep, two days of tough negotiations and still no contract. Then I stupidly dropped my glasses down a flight of concrete stairs. When I collected them at the bottom, the frame was hopelessly bent and one lens was smashed. So here I am […]

September Under Capricorn – A Poem By Mary Mageau

Transparent skies, an azure haze Those tender, sweet, pellucid days that Mask the coming summer’s heat It’s hot and white relentless beat Of burning sun on face and feet. Oh, the heart–breaking beauty of springtime’s haze, In those early, soft, enchanting days. Translucent light, a turquoise sea, My heart so open, loving free. September – […]

Two more very short stories from Mary Mageau.

  Echoes of Autumn Walking quietly through a soft mist, in the late afternoon chill, the only sound I hear is the forlorn call of a single crow. With foliage now deepening into shade, and the sun, a rim of orange over darkening hills, I reach our gate then cross the threshold. What a joy […]

The Big Dry – By Mary Mageau

Here we have a heartfelt short story from Mary about the current horrible situation in our part of the world….. The Big Dry  –  Mary Mageau This land, where not a drop of rain has fallen for over three years and the ground, cross-hatched with deep cracks and dry fissures, lies baking in the blistering sun. […]

Picasso, Girl before a Mirror, 1932 – Mary Mageau

Young and beautiful, her arms cradle a large oval mirror as she gazes at her reflection, surrounded by bold diamond shaped geometric patterns, with vertical and horizontal stripes rendered in vibrant saturated hues—pigments chosen for their emotive source of colour rather than expressing the intended scene . . .   Looking back at her from […]

Place of the Dead Houses. By Mary Mageau

Place of the Dead Houses Mary Mageau ‘Come along, Amity. It’s your bedtime now.’ ‘Mum, I’m trying to brush my hair but it’s full of snarls.’ ‘Let me tease them out of your curls then we’ll lie down together for a story.’ As Mary Thompson took the brush from her daughter she asked, ‘What tale […]