A Welcome Stranger – By Richard Carroll

The straps of my backpack dug hard into my shoulders as I trudged zombie-like in the sweltering heat. I was hitch-hiking across the island of Crete and had been dropped off in a small village miles from anywhere. A number of houses and sheds nestled the main road, but motorists hardly seemed to notice their […]

A Litter Of Antechinus Babies In A Car Glove-box

Introducing Denise Ravenscroft, who enjoyed the wonderful experience she describes below. You may not be aware of what Denise and her husband are doing, but if you check out her Facebook group or her website you will discover that they are seriously active as conservationists. Links at the bottom of this page. _______________________________________ Why my empty […]

TALE OF A BOOK – How An Old Book Came To The Right Person.

TALE OF A BOOK Judith Hall We have had our in our possession for some years a small soft cover book about the history of Coorparoo and Stones Corner. We’re not entirely sure how we acquired it, but possibly it was at one of the RNA book sales. I have a friend who lives in […]