Even More Drabbles From Rollo

Here are the last Drabbles we have from Rollo Waite, that splendid creator of such powerful and enchanting small jewels in words…    How on earth does he do it?  Such a strong image in so few words?  Ah well, here they are for your delectation. Blue poppy afternoon. There she stood, silhouetted against the […]

How to Read a Book – Is This the Future? Funny Video

So, how do you read a “real” paper book?  I know, we can all do that, but will we still know how to in, say 50 years time?  We have all seen those videos of small children trying to swipe to the next page in their kiddies books, as they have been brought up on […]

The Isolator – The Ultimate Helmet For Students

Here is a truly curious bit of arcana, the Isolator Helmet, the dream child of a rather odd man by the name of Hugo Gernsback who “invented” this weird device in 1925 as an aid to concentration.   He reasoned as follows :  When working, the main problem is distraction, so if you can isolate the […]

What We Do So Far, And The Help We Need

Our library is a community meeting place wholly run by volunteers…of which there are never enough. We try to meet community needs while having fun as we work. These are some of the things we do and some of the things about to happen. LIBRARY-SITTING — Volunteers look after the library in shifts on Wednesdays […]

Jonathon Munros – Intriguing Cyber Punk – Ebook Review

I have just finished reading (and enjoying) ” Jonathon Munros”, the last of three ebooks by Ian Miller based around a somewhat distopian view of where our world (and Mars) is heading.  A world in which large corporations have divided up the world in their own interests. The first of this trilogy was a reasonably […]

Whimsy On Wednesday

On Wednesday, May 9, the amazing local watercolourist, Alex Dalmau, arrived with a extraordinary gift that made the library crew gasp with delight. Her painting, “The Scarecrow of Millen Farm” is based on Millen Farm’s famous bird-scarers. The pictured scarecrow beckons as Farmer Arran and his crew of Marist 180 trainees work in the fields […]

3 O’Clock Book Club Meets Again

Enjoying a lovely afternoon at Bookclub. The conversation about books on war has been wide ranging and included everything from All The Light We Cannot See to war poetry from Call of the Gums. As you can see, a pleasantly relaxed and friendly group of people – with tea or coffee as well..  What could be […]

The Community Library Samford Is Now Open!

After several years of struggle, frustration at times, moving enormously heavy boxes of books back and forth, good companionship and loads of discussions and planning sessions, we have finally opened our library – albeit in a temporary home. So, you can now come along every Wednesday from 9 am to 5 pm and every Saturday […]