Vanity Fair – Book Review By Angela Galvin.

Our resident book reviewer – Angela Galvin, has just given us a review of an old, but much loved book, Vanity Fair by the splendidly named author, William Makepeace Thackeray. Vanity Fair – William Makepeace Thackeray Spurred on by the recent miniseries of this book I decided to read it again after many, many years. […]

Freedom at Midnight Larry Collins and Dominique Lapiere

Freedom at Midnight Larry Collins and Dominique Lapiere – review by Angela Galvin. This isn’t an easy read but it is fascinating – I read this book when I was in my first or second year of high school. So reading it again now as an adult has been a delight. It isn’t for the […]

Review – The Postcard by Leah Fleming 

Not really a review, more a brief description of the main thrust of the story line of this highly readable book, by our own resident book reviewer, Angela Galvin. The Postcard by Leah Fleming Starting in Adelaide with the death of her father, an inheritance box of letters and keepsakes, Melissa embarks on a journey […]

Outposts by Simon Winchester – Review

And here is another review from our staunch reviewer, Angela Galvin, in which she tells you about a book that is obviously one that has given her no end of pleasure to read. Outposts by Simon Winchester Before I write another word I need to declare I love Simon Winchester – his books which combine […]

Book Review: Beasts In My Belfry By Gerald Durrell

Here we have another book review from our every busy Angela Galvin. I read this book years ago as a child and found it in a second hand bookstore and thought I would read it again. It is the thoroughly delightful tale of Gerald and his enduring love of animals. On this book he details […]

The Future Homemakers Of America By Laurie Graham

Here is another book review by our resident book reviewer, Angela Galvin, see if you agree with her assessment of this book………. If I don’t like a book I won’t finish it so you will never see a review of it from me. And you won’t see a negative review either – as just because […]

Wine and War by Don and Petie Kladstrup

Well if you love wine and history this is the book for you.  The by-line says it all “The Battle for France’s Greatest Treasures”. This is the story of what happened to the great wines during the German occupation of France during World War 2.  Filled with funny tales from sommeliers and wine merchants about […]

The summer before the War by Helen Simonson

Here is another book review from, Angela Galvin, one of our “resident” book reviewers. This was a book club choice -And one of a set of ten available to be borrowed from MBRC libraries for book clubs. I wouldn’t have chosen this book but I am thoroughly glad It was chosen for us to read. […]

Medical By-ways- Diseases Of The Famous

Famous Diseases and Diseases of the Famous reviewed by our trusty reviewer, Angela Galvin. By J H Leavesley This is a strange book – on the one hand very interesting but on the other hand deeply unsatisfying as it only scrapes the surface so to speak. Discussing the health of people like Mussolini – Virginia […]