I previously titled this micro fiction, anecdotes etc. but am changing it to “Snippets”

Defined as small bits, scraps, or fragments: snippets of information. There are some that might purport to be tiny stories, some are anecdotes, memories, whatever. They are simply bits and pieces that are quick, easy and personally rewarding to write. They’re nothing much.    Rollo

Walking fast

Walking fast through shadows—someone behind.

“What do you want?” I’m scared.

“Your money.”

“Got none.”

Run to streetlight. He follows. Kick him in the balls. He screams, collapses.

Cop car arrives. “What the hell?”

“This guy tried to rob me.”

He recovers. “No I didn’t, just asked for money. Then you assaulted me.”

I’m handcuffed in the cop car, wondering, what did I do wrong?



Henry went back to that little old pub. Everything had changed.

Where’s everyone gone?”

The bartender, looking surprised, “Where have you been?”

Henry snapped, “Away.”

The barman looked at this odd little man he’d never seen before—forlorn, lost. What could he do to brighten his night?Still drinking the same?” He poured him a pot of fourex.

Henry was happy. “You remembered?”

The barman grinned. “Never forget.”


Waiting room.

There were three of them, trying to ignore each other in the Doctor’s waiting room, each absorbed with his own thoughts.

Ben spoke first. “Shit I’m nervous.”

Adam nodded. “Me too.”

Bob was full of bravado. “Nothing to worry about—same as usual.”

Adam patted Ben on the shoulder. “Must be a good shrink.”

Ben was alarmed. “Shrink! Hell, I think I’ve got prostate.”

Bob laughed loudly. “Must be one hell of a doctor. I’m simply having some sun spots removed.”

Poor Harry—and his dad really misses him.

bed room.

That’s herding for you.


So there you have them, the first of a whole load of these snippets – as Rollo calls them- which I hope will give you as much pleasure as they have given me.    More to follow soon.

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