Transparent skies, an azure haze

Those tender, sweet, pellucid days that

Mask the coming summer’s heat

It’s hot and white relentless beat

Of burning sun on face and feet.

Oh, the heartbreaking beauty of springtime’s haze,

In those early, soft, enchanting days.

Translucent light, a turquoise sea,

My heart so open, loving free.

September – when you came my way

October – when you said you’d stay

November – when you slipped away.

Now I only remember the turquoise sea,

Not that empty beach with only me.

Early winter’s chill has come

Over Capricorn’s ebbing sun.

Dark clouds racing to and fro

Shadows lengthening long and slow

Reminding me I now must go.

Yet I’ll never forget the azure haze

Of our tender, sweet, pellucid days.

© Mary Mageau

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