Mary Mageau, a well-known local writer, has just brought out a collection of her short stories, under the title Selected Stories which I have just read with pleasure.

The stories that Mary has included in this book range over a very wide range of styles and content, from a short novella to a collection of extremely short stories, some only 50 words long, some being happy and some being sad, and all in one way or another intriguing and enjoyable.

Mary also uses the entire world as an inspiration for her writing, these stories deal with just about the whole world, some being about people living in the USA, and others about natives of Eritrea or Scotland, or, reasonably enough, Australia – but what stands out about them all, is that they are centered on people, and their experiences in living, so one comes away from reading this collection of stories even more convinced of the common humanity of us all, no matter where and when we live.

What I also took from this collection of writings was how thoughtful Mary is and her very light touch in dealing with serious matters – she never becomes ponderous even when her characters are embroiled in huge problems in their lives.

So, without hesitation I can happily recommend this collection of stories to you, thoughtful, insightful and probably the most important of all, thoroughly enjoyable. In fact my only complaint about this book is that it is too short – I would have been happy if it had been twice as long!
We have a copy in our library, which you are most welcome to borrow, but I would actually recommend that you go out and buy yourself a copy, as these stories are the sort that grow on you.

You can buy it in ebook format at Amazon by following this link: Amazon
Or from Lulu by following this link: Lulu

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