This is the second part. I wrote it when I lost him…

Your horse, he is not with us now
For Heaven hath called his name
And though his time with us was short
In our hearts he will remain.

He touched my heart in a way in which
Most people will never do
19 short months he lived with us
With thanks, in part, to you.

He came to us a poorly boy
Who had given up on life
But we shared the burden of his old age
And took away his strife.

His life with us was easy
He was loved and cherished and kept
we remain forever grateful to him
That our love he chose to accept

Our lives will be forever changed
Because he graced us with his love
He was an amazingly special boy
But time with us wasn’t enough

We wanted to see more sunrises
And kiss his nose some more
We wanted to enjoy more special walks
But that wasn’t nature’s law

The angels called him back to them
And he left this earthly plane
He did it with great dignity
But he left us all in pain

He got to leave with me by his side
While my tears flowed strong and true
His place in my heart forever locked in
Because he was left at that place, by you.

My dear, My darling William
The sweetest horse I’ve known,
I gave you your headstone and your wreath,
now that the Rainbow Bridge is home.

Fly free my darling angel
For your lessons, I thank you deeply
And if you choose to come again
Make sure you come and meet me ♡♡

Copyright Lisa S.

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