Here is yet another poem by Lisa S, in which she talks about a Mum at the school gates who feels herself to be the subject of persecution from the other mums – We have all felt like this on occasion I reckon, and I speak as a Father who has done his share of School Gate Duty.   Happens when you are tired and frazzled.  And in this case it is also effectively about a single mum.

School Gate Mum

Don’t stand there in judgement of me, School Gate Mum,

because my day has been harder than yours.

Its easy to see, from the outside in, all the things you consider are flaws

But you don’t know how hard my day to day is

And the struggles I try to endure.

Aside from the things that you think you know of me

There are a hundred and one other things

Going on in my life, in my heart, in my head

Things I wish I could just put to bed.

You see me, School Gate Mum, with a daughter stropping again,

And you stand there in judgement, like you do.

And you wonder, School Gate Mum, again and again

am I a good mum to them?

But you don’t know our day and how happy we were

And the things we got up to together.

All you see is that little window of time,

that she hates when we come for her brother.

My girl is a tricky, emotional child whose quirks are saved

only for me

And the ten minutes, at the gate, School Gate Mum, are

the only ten minutes you see.

Let me tell you right now that my kids are my world

And I love them like you love your own.

But my life, you know nothing about, School Gate Mum,

And I’m doing it all on my own.

I see your children with grandparents around,

At the school gate and weekend retreats.

I see your husband sharing the load while mine is at best, obsolete.

My fairy tale didn’t end up coming true,

And my support is half the planet away,

I’m doing the best I can, School Gate Mum,

While I live in total dismay.

You dont know us, or the lives that we lead.

You dont stop to ask how we are.

But you stand there in judgment, every day, School Gate Mum

Because you think you’re a superstar.

You dont know how much I long to lie broken, in a heap, curled up on the floor.

But I dont, School Gate Mum,

For my kids, SCHOOL GATE MUM, in case they walk through that door.

So dont stand there in judgment, other School Gate Mum,

For my battles you really don’t know.

Feel glad that your child has family around

Who help you, and help them to grow.

I’m doing this essentially on my own, School Gate Mum,

and it’s harder than you’d ever know.

I want to be that incredible mum,

but I’m exhausted and I’ve reached a plateau.

So don’t stand in judgement please, School Gate Mum

For your glares, they cut to the core.

I’m doing the best I can, School Gate Mum

And I really, cant do much more.

Yes everyone has struggles, and I’m sure you do too

But I dont stand there in judgement of you.

So give me a break; I’ve hit a huge wall,

School Gate Mum, and you really, don’t know me at all.

Copyright: Lisa S.

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