Here we have the first of a series of Drabbles by Chris Chmiel, who is both a local author and the Treasurer of the Community Library.

We hope that you will find his contributions to this tricky form of writing amusing.


The sun peeps over the eastern desert sands, Scheherazade ceases narrating Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, mid-story.

Shahriyar can’t believe time has developed wings. He’ll have to delay the execution of his queen, yet again. She’s outfoxed him. He’s aware of her ruse. She’s done it to him forty-two nights in a row.

His resolve is evaporating. No queen will cuckold him, ever again. A virgin bride for every night’s entertainment, her head on the chopping block in the morning. That’s the only way.

But darn it! He can’t bear to have the story unfinished.

She’ll survive another day.

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