Ray Vuillermin

From my earliest memories, aeroplanes have been an addiction. In the forties and fifties, pocket money was easily earned. Mine was spent on aviation magazines, which were devoured to form an early aviation education. In my late teens my girl friend’s (later wife) parents introduced me to serious reading. This early post war period saw many aircrew stories of the war, books that formed the nucleus of my aviation library, and the beginning a lifelong addiction in collecting aviation books.

Travelling all around the world over the years, secondhand books signs were always a magnet.
Some five years ago, the Community Library Samford, located on the old CSIRO site, became another such magnet.

Initially, the Library books were found to be very crowded and roughly sorted, yet of astounding range and quality. In becoming a member and volunteer, Wednesday mornings became a time of sorting books, with my becoming increasingly impressed and enthusiastic with the collection as good quality donations flowed in.

A temporary move to the Old Rangers Football Clubhouse, saw a special room assigned for me to manage the collection of Aviation, Marine, War and Transport books. Similarly enthused people, often with donations in hand, arrived, and the quality of the collection improved and expanded.

Development stalled when the Library was forced to vacate. For the past two and a half years, the thousands books have been in storage, whilst fundraising progressed to achieve a more permanent home. Assisting with fundraising, I always keep in mind the objective of returning to manage the Military / Transport collection, to be available to the public once again.

Past committee roles included Catering Co-ordinator and Treasurer. My current committee role is as an Honorary member.

Ray Vuillermin
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