Julie Martin – our President- has this to say on a number of topics.


I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. (William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night). I might be using a quote from the wrong play to thank SPADEwerX for their generosity in donating the proceeds of the “Much Ado About Nothing” raffles to us, but our thanks are heartfelt. SPADEwerX’s support of the library is very much appreciated. Our thanks also go to the young ladies, the youngest of the cast, who worked so hard to sell the tickets. SPADEwerX always provide fantastic entertainment…it is wonderful to see the plays we love coming to life again.

Young Writers:

Did you know Franciose Sagan, S.E. Hinton, Jane Austen and Evelyn Waugh wrote their first novels in their teens and early twenties? Bonjour Tristesse, The Outsiders, Sense and Sensibility and Decline and Fall will always have space on my bookshelves. Sometimes we forget the power of young writers to describe our world through new eyes. On the third Saturday of each month, young writers between 14 and 24 are invited to join the Teen Writers Unite group to write, talk about writing, and respond to those who want to share, without not-so-teen intervention unless specifically requested. At times, local authors, such as Carleton Chinner, who has recently launched his great SciFi The Hills of Mare Ibrium, will share their knowledge.

Local Writers:

Writers of short stories and non-fiction pieces, poets, and essayists of all ages are invited to submit their work to our three reviewers for inclusion on our website, www.binderskeepers.com.au. Our webmaster, Tony Cole, posts amazing works by local writers in a blog type release regularly.

And Lastly:

On an entirely different note, marvelous Susanne Wells, chef and owner of Australia’s only gluten free cooking school, is demonstrating how to prepare a delicious, easy gluten free lunch at the library at 1pm on August 8. Proceeds will go toward establishing our “forever home”. Numbers are limited. Cost is $15/head.

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