And here is another review from our staunch reviewer, Angela Galvin, in which she tells you about a book that is obviously one that has given her no end of pleasure to read.

Outposts by Simon Winchester

Before I write another word I need to declare I love Simon Winchester – his books which combine history and science are interesting and compelling –

My favorites are “Krakatoa” -“The Map That Changed the World” and “The Crack in the Edge of the World”

Outposts is the another outstanding entry into our Winchester Library.

The story of his journey to all the remote island outposts of the British  Commonwealth  – a journey which took him “from Antarctica to the Caribbean, from the Mediterranean to the Far East “ and over 100,000 Miles.

This is the revised edition which includes updates since it was first published – fascinating, funny and “ itchy feet” inducing – you may want to pack up and take off after reading this.

Not quite a history book – or a travel journal or indeed a sailing log but something in between and delightfully good:-

“it all seemed so very comical – this utterly serious conversation taking place in so tiny a cabin, piled high with frozen pig’s legs and cartons of strawberries.  I stuttered a reply. I had wanted to see if the Government’s assurances that only “rotating contract personnel” lived on Diego Garcia were in fact true.”

If you love travel and history and have a sense of humour and adventure give this one some space  on your bedside table.

If you would like to read this book for yourself,here is one way to obtain it…..

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