Here is an example of the art from, from Julie Martin, one of the founders of our library, and a passionate writer.

SINAI 1917

He lay between his horse and ruined wall away from wind-grit. Searing night pain woke him. His hand smashed a scorpion biting his throat—deathstalker. His windpipe contracted.

“Get up, ya bugger . We’re movin’ out” A boot prodded his side.

His pushed the dead arthropod upwards.

“Goner, mate. Just shoot me.”


“Give me me gun.”

The boots walked away—Christianity at odds with mercy.

A Bedouin hand poured foul liquid through his swollen lips. A black-tent angel…only eyes showing. All day she stayed. She vanished by morning.

He rose to ride his Waler toward another death.

So there you have it, our first Drabble, with I hope many more to follow.

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