We are lucky enough to have a short story by Mary Mageau to publish on our website.  A short, simple but moving story about love, luck and kindness.  Read it and enjoy it.

Lost and Found   By Mary Mageau

Dear Marolyn Masters,

Walking through the sand and boulders at The Hollows, on Old North Beach, something caught my eye. It was gleaming brightly in the sunlight. As I bent down to retrieve it, I discovered a gold bracelet engraved around the inside with the following inscription: Marolyn Masters – Jed Williams. Between the names appeared the outline of two conjoined hearts.

As I believe you are the same Marolyn Masters, the owner and director of the Fair Winds Art Gallery, I am writing to report my discovery of this bracelet. If this item does belong to you would you please advise how I could return it? It must be a very precious possession.

Now I don’t wish to intrude into any of your personal business, so dismiss my next question if you wish. Regarding the other name, that of Jed Williams, is he the famous yachtsman who was recently lost at sea during his solo voyage around the world?  If this is so, you would want your beautiful bracelet returned as soon as possible.

I await your reply,

JM Smith

26 Alderson Parade, North Beach

*  *  *

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for your recent letter with the wonderful news that you found my lost bracelet. I must have dropped it when I was spending some quiet time alone, walking through the dunes at The Hollows. I was heart-broken when I realized that my bracelet was missing. I returned several times to search the beach for it, always without success. I had given up all hope of ever recovering it until your letter arrived, with its good news.

So to answer your question, yes, this is my bracelet. It is a treasured gift I received from Jed Williams before he left port to begin his long solo journey. As it is so precious to me now, I would appreciate having you deliver the bracelet directly to the Fair Winds Gallery. I am hoping to extend my personal thanks to you, but if I’m not in the office when you arrive, please leave my bracelet at the main desk. I will arrange for a small gift of appreciation to be kept there—one for you to take away and enjoy in your home.

Sincerely yours,

Marolyn Masters

26 High Street, North Beach

*  *  *

Dearest Jed,

I realize now that you have left us and will never be returning. You met your death at sea doing what you loved most, and this thought comforts me during the remaining moments of each day. I have used these letters to you, as a way of healing the pain left by your absence. When this fifth letter is finished my heart will be at peace again, and I will be ready to burn them all in the fireplace. They were written for our eyes alone.

The beautiful gold bracelet you gave me, which I lost in the sand at The Hollows, has been found and returned. I am wearing it now, as well as the star sapphire engagement ring you slipped on my finger the night you asked me to marry you. These precious keepsakes will always remain with me.

At some point the grieving must stop so life can move on. I am planning to add another wing to the gallery where I will offer art classes to talented painters and beginners. Our committee has decided to host a biennial art prize, supported by a generous benefactor. The Fair Winds Gallery is becoming a tourist attraction too, thanks to The Best Beans, a smart new coffee lounge that opened next door. Several paintings from the gallery hang there now.

Jed, you will always remain the love of my life and I hope that you have finally found joy and peace. Once you sailed the seven seas, but now you sail the heavens.

Your ever loving,



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