Here Paul Hannah shows us a good way to deal with those infuriating calls that normally come just as we are sitting down to supper…….


CALLER: Hello, I am Jasmine from Solar Futures.
ME: I am so glad you called, I have a few questions and the last lady
that called was hopeless, she couldn’t answer a single thing I asked.
I hope you can do better.
CALLER: Well sir, I am not really…
ME: Good. What colour are they?
CALLER: Excuse me?
ME: I am a very colour sensitive person, my spiritual advisor tells me
should avoid black
CALLER: But they are all black.
ME: Surely not??? Black would just depress me and would change the
whole ambience of my roof.
CALLER: But black..
ME: I’m sorry, my chakra just couldn’t take black panels on my roof.
Are you sure you couldn’t get me something in a nice warm peach?
CALLER: I don’t think so..
ME: Lavender then. You must have something in a lavender.
CALLER: Sorry, but..
ME: Oh goodness. I suppose you are going to say they don’t come as
circles either. Rectangles are boring and my astrologer says I should
avoid anything rectangular until Mars moves out of opposition and into
CALLER: All of our panels are rectangular.
ME: Oh dear. i’ll just have to get your installers to round off the
corners – they’d do that for me wouldn’t they?
CALLER: I don’t think that..
ME: This is going bad to worse. Do these things come with the GPS
filter coating?
ME: They don’t train you very well do they? When the aircraft fly over
head they use the reflections from solar panels to know when to turn
on the chemtrails. Perhaps I could ask the installers when they
CALLER: I just have some questions to ask..
ME: Yes , yes, I know you do but I have one last question. My house is
built on a Ley line. Will the panels interfere with the global energy

Paul Hannah 2018

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