In Phillip Adams’ program Late Night Live on RN recently, he had this intriguing discussion about the first Google-like endeavour – a library of everything you might wish to know.   I will post a link to the podcast version of this discussion as if you are any sort of bibliophile (book lover) you will want to hear this one.

While Christopher Columbus was obsessed with striking gold in the New World, back home in sixteenth-century Seville, his son Hernando was obsessed with a very different kind of quest.

Columbus’s youngest son was a compulsive bibliophile who traveled Renaissance Europe, collecting the riches pouring off the newly-invented printing press.

Five hundred years before Google Books, Hernando Colón dreamed of creating a Universal Library where all the world’s knowledge would be gathered in one place.

Click on this link to go to the RN website and the link to listen to this talk.

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