Community Library Samford Annual Report 2018


The Community Library Samford will operate a community library and social hub offering an open, safe, welcoming and stimulating environment to all the people of Samford and the surrounding districts.

The Community Library Samford aims to:

• Provide a collection of materials that meets or exceeds the expectations of the community.

• Offer a dynamic and responsive library and information service embracing the unique cultures, recreational needs and heritage of the region.

• Provide volunteer staff who are knowledgeable and courteous, offering friendly service to users of all ages.

• Provide a welcoming, safe, supportive, stimulating environment for all users and volunteers.

• Develop enrichment activities for all ages promoting the arts and the sciences.

• Promote the library and its services to the community through print and media platforms.

• Facilitate active partnerships between community groups and community members and the library.

• Enrich lives through volunteer involvement and participation.

• Support charitable groups through donations to promote literacy.

This year our library has:

• Formed an independent association. In November the members of the Samford Commons Community Library voted to change the name of the group to Community Library Samford and requested the process of becoming an incorporated association commence. We received our Certificate of Incorporation on the15th December 2017. The Community Library Samford Inc. began with 13 inaugural members: Wendy Sonnenburg, Chris Chmiel, Tony Cole, Angela Galvin, Linda Murray, Fiona Taylor, Linda Harvey, Evelyn Williames, Dorothy Penning, Kristina Challand, Janelle Byrnes, Richard Carroll, and Julie Martin. Subsequent to this registration we were joined by Vaughn Clarkson, Raymond Martin and Stefano Vittone. • Established a small functioning library staffed by volunteers, opening from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Wednesdays and from 2.00 pm to 5.00pm on Saturday afternoons. The library was opened to the public on March 24, 2018.

• Gained DGR status as a public library on 8th June 2018 – which is an incorporated not-for-profit charitable organisation able to offer tax deductions for donations.

• Continued collecting books, CDs, DVDs, games, and furniture, including shelves, from the community and supportive organisations all over Brisbane.

• Sorted and labelled thousands of resources – thanks to Chris Chmiel and Ray Vuillermin who have worked hard to bring the contents of the cream hut into order. Other volunteers have identified those books on our shelves which needed to be recycled due to being out of date or not now relevant to readers needs, repurposed or given to charity (if a multiple copy) as well as extensive labelling to designate genre.

• Established a wide range of activities and programs to promote the arts and a sense of community

• The membership register shows 16 members and we have 21 volunteers on the register.

• The register of library users shows 143 individuals who borrow from the library: 86 are Family Friends, 46 Friends and 11 Concession members. Although we have 11 concession members many Friends who qualify as concession members are paying to be Friends of the Library as they are so keen to be able to use a library in their own area.

• Since opening the library we have had (as of 22 September) 573 visitors/borrowers across 26 Wednesdays and 28 Saturday afternoons. Many were return borrowers.

• Created a vibrant website thanks to Tony Cole and a Facebook page thanks to Tony Cole and Linda Murray.

None of this would have been possible without a wonderful motivated team of members and volunteers. Thank you to all the dedicated, very talented workers who pulled the first stage of library together: Dorothy Penning, Tony Cole, Linda Murray, Evelyn Williames, Linda Harvey, Angela Galvin, Chris Chmiel, Fiona Taylor, Kristina Challand, Helen Hughes, Janelle Byrne, Richard Carroll, Frankie Catt, Josephine Theos, Sasha Tranberg, Marion Fulcher and Hannah Patten-Kuik.

Behind the workers was an extraordinary management team who worked very hard to make sure the library has a sustainable base on which to build.

Thank you for your dedication.

• Secretary Wendy Sonnenburg offered an extraordinary knowledge of the minutiae of not-for-profit group administration, and a dedication to organisation.

• Treasurer Chris Chmiel was a wizard of finance and a good organiser.

• Webmaster Tony Cole not only had the IT skill to create a lively informative website but also the creativity to produce a website that supports readers and writers, as well as keeping information on library developments and activities up to date. To become a social hub of the community we have established and participated in a wide range of programs and activities.

These include:

• Two lovely Samford Support Network Morning Teas organised cooperatively by Samford Support Network’s Nettie Carroll, Jasmin Hayes, Julie Martin (Community Library Samford President) and Linda Harvey who works for both groups.

Teen Writers Unite— a fledgling program to encourage young writers—is on the third Saturday of each month. Tied to this is a dedicated section of the Community Library’s web site, which offers young writers opportunities to publish their work. Tony Cole, webmaster extraordinaire, organised this.

Board And Unbored Games (still finding it’s feet) on the first and last Saturdays of the month, gives folk a chance to meet new and old friends over board games or word games such as Balderdash.

Yarn Crowd, organised by our dynamic philosopher Fiona Taylor, is an independent group operating every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday at 2pm where folk knit, sew, crochet, weave, draw, talk, laugh and solve the problems of the world. This group has contributed to the Lions drive for warm beanies to send to women’s refuges and for drought relief in western Queensland.

Digital Drop-in with Dr Elizabeth Heck was established in July to help folk to use their phones and devices effectively. On the third Saturday of every month folk are invited to bring their social media problems to Elizabeth.

Samford and Surrounds Boomerang Bags is a new initiative organised by Fiona Taylor to make substantial shopping bags out of recycled or donated materials to replace plastic bags. The group is independent, formed to promote sustainability through recycling material scraps, and to encourage community spirit.

Three O’Clock Book Club, on the third Saturday of every month, hosted by Kristina Challand, Evelyn Williames, Dorothy Penning and Julie Martin is a chance for readers to talk about books over a cuppa. Each month focuses on a different topic so readers can bring a wide range of reading material to the group.

Vicki Bennett Writers’ Workshop (22 September) was the first venture to support and encourage adult writers by working with an experienced published author and our second educational event. Although this was not financially viable, the responses of participants were very positive.

• Radana Tucker’s Yoga in the Library happens on the third Wednesday of the month at 9.10am. This lovely gentle yoga session, suitable for all ages and capabilities, not only relieves stress and improves fitness but also raises funds for the library’s permanent home.

• Susanne Wells of the Gluten-free Cooking School arranged a fascinating cooking demonstration and lunch, using the freshest produce from Millen Farm, to raise funds for the library. Susanne’s experience as a chef allowed her to give expert advice on gluten-free cookery to all attendees.

National Simultaneous Story Time, in tandem with ALIA (the Australia wide library association) on May 23, launched our weekly Story Time by joining other libraries, childcare centres and schools around Australia in reading the same text at the same time. This year it was Hickory Dickory Dash written by Tony Wilson.

Samford Writers’ Group, an independent group operating under the auspices of the library, is chaired by Pam Cranny. It meets on the first Thursday of every month at 9.30 am in the library. It offers critical support and education to writers.

Story and Rhyme Time with talented early childhood educator, Marion Fulcher, and occasionally with retired teacher-librarian, Julie Martin, happens every week at 10.30am. Sometimes, if the weather is fine and not too hot, Marion works with the children under a huge old tree, sometimes the story time is in the library. The stories are aimed at toddlers to preschoolers.

• Initiating a monthly Box Library Service for the elderly, the isolated and the incapacitated with Dayboro Conversation Club, the social equivalent of Samford Support Network. The amazing Di Moes organises this.

The Community Library Samford has helped charities such as:

The Samford Lions who sought children’s books, activity books and toys from the library and 16 knitted beanies from the Yarn Crowd and Josephine Theos to help those affected by domestic violence and drought and to provide support packs to place in local police stations for those displaced by domestic violence. This is on-going.

The Save the Children Fund to which we gave 2 boxes of books and 5 boxes of educational toys for use in the early childhood education trailers that service homeless and Murri camps, and 7 women’s refuges throughout Queensland. This is ongoing.

The Murri Ministry to which we gave books that were sent to isolated Aboriginal communities to encourage reading not only among the young but also in adults. Linda Murray instigated this. Fundraising has become a necessary part of the library’s functioning to cover operating costs such as insurances and to enhance our Building and Establishment Fund for our future permanent library space in a community building. To this end we have:

• Held a successful Book Sale on February 25th, which coincided with the launch of The Poo Pile.

• Been involved with the St Patrick’s Day Charity Night, sponsored by Ray White and organised and hosted by Edward Singleton on March 17 at the Samford Community Centre which contributed a great deal to our funds.

• The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle at Keperra would never have happened without the amazing support from our community. Thanks to Alan Sonnenburg, Wendy Sonnenburg, Ray Vuillerman, Chris Chmiel, Carla Long, Alice Cunningham, Evelyn Williames, Vaughan Clarkson, Kristina Challand, Jess Clarkson, Fran and Abby, Phil, Fiona Taylor, and Gessica Vittone, we made a substantial amount of money.

• Yoga Instructor Radana Tucker of Spirit Education has held monthly yoga classes in the library to raise money.

• Chef Susanne Wells of the Gluten Free Cooking School raised money by demonstrating how to cook a very delicious lunch for attendees.

• Manned a fairy floss stall at The Movie in the Park on 24 March, thanks to Barbara Kienast and Darren Grimwade. Linda Harvey, Linda Murray and Julie Martin covered themselves in pink candy for the evening.

The Poo Pile

The Poo Pile is an independent working group that raises funds to benefit the Community Library Samford and Equine Action Queensland. Its extraordinary CEO Linda Murray and a small dedicated crew slave constantly, ably assisted by the “Three Librarians”, to collect horse manure from horse establishments as far away as Dayboro, bag their garden-a-licious bounty and sell it on The Poo Pile. Linda and her cohort put in the hard yards shovelling, bagging and lifting poo onto utes and the pile—not an easy task, especially as The Poo Pile is checked often to make sure supply is maintained. One contractor donated the use of his machinery and labour once a month. The Poo Pile’s huge contribution to our future home is much appreciated.

Raising public awareness is an on-going challenge for our library. We are slowly developing a reasonable platform.

•, launched on April 5 and administered by our fantastic webmaster Tony Cole, not only provides information on the library’s operation, but also keeps an up to date inventory of library activities and events, encourages public discussion of books, and provides opportunities for writers young and old to publish their works on a public forum.

• Each fortnight the president submits articles to The Village Pump. • The Community Library Samford Facebook page now has 277 members. Its eagle-eyed administrators are Linda Murray and Tony Cole.

• Library events and developments are published in the Samford and Dayboro community Facebook pages.

• The management team have refined a strategic plan, policies, procedures and a constitution in consultation with the library team.

• The Samford Little Libraries Literary Trail has not developed markedly but is still encouraged by a library display and on the website.

• On August 1, the ABC Afternoon Radio show’s roving reporter, Karina Hogan, visited to talk about community and how the library is trying to meet community needs.

The Community Library Samford has reduced waste through: • Recycling suitable damaged or out-dated books and magazines into mulch to control erosion. Linda Murray works hard on this aspect and has had positive results.
• Repurposing out-dated books, copied CDs, spare CD and DVD cases through art and craft activities and workshops. Wendy Sonnenburg, fibre artist, has taught many to fold out-dated books into creative shapes as well as producing journals, jewellery and stunning papercraft from books and magazines unable to be included in the collection.

Our heartfelt thanks go to these wonderful people and organisations who have given generously to help our library grow:

Eureka Landscaping for secure money receptacle for The Poo Pile

Angela Galvin for library signage and a huge stone mosaic globe to grace our future entry

Dr Raymond Martin for a substantial donation towards building and establishment fund

SPADEwerx, our fantastic local theatre group, for their generous gift of $700

Jake Cole for website host payment

David McMahon for our microwave

Alex Dalmau for a beautiful watercolour of the Scarecrow of Millen Farm for future library space

Brisbane Grammar School for shelving

Hillbrook Anglican School for books

Saskia from Affordable Books for her huge contribution of books

Bray Park State High School’s Judy Wormsley for book trolley and magazine storage files

Samford Community Kindergarten for our storytelling chair

C&K Community Kindergarten Ferny Hills for book shelves

Wendy Sonnenburg and Helen Hughes for material for Boomerang Bags

The Samford Community Church for trailer loads of books

Michael and Margaret Lim for our urn, electric drill and furniture

Spokes, Samford Patisserie and Pause for vouchers to assist Charity Night

The people of the local community and surrounding districts for books, DVDs. CDs and a plethora of other amazing things

Barbara Kienast for shelving and sewing machine (for Boomerang Bags)

The horse property owners who donate poo for The Poo Pile, the land owners who supply empty feed bags to bag it The Community Library Samford has been fortunate to have many strong and valuable supporters to whom we owe our thanks:
Cr Darren Grimwade who has backed our drive for a community library/social hub space since its inception, provided a marquee and fairy-floss machine at the Movie in the Park, as well as providing wise guidance

Samford Commons Ltd who allowed us to set up the library in shared space and to store our ever-growing collection of books on site.

Millen Farm and Arran Heideman who provided fresh produce for events and helping hands when needed

Marist 180 who have created furniture and helped us move furniture and books whenever we ask

Lions Samford who provided help with the Bunnings Sizzle and craft materials for beanies

John Hudson and the Samford Chamber of Commerce who willingly lend us their data projector for workshops

Dr Elizabeth Heck who gives her time to help others come to terms with the complexities of digital devices

The crew who shovel and bag manure for The Poo Pile

Objectives for next 12-24 months

• Work towards a multi-purpose building to house the library and other local service organisations and to cater for activities, meetings and workshops as requested or needed by the community

• Initiate grant applications and seek philanthropic donations for a multi-purpose community building with dedicated library space

• Prepare as best we can for the eventuality of moving to either another temporary or a permanent library space when demolition/renovation starts on site.

• Strengthen ties with other service and community organisations such as Samford Support Network, to build community spirit.

• Develop Samford and Surrounds Boomerang Bags.

• Instigate public debates on topical issues related to science and the arts.

• Continue to support writers, particularly local writers and young writers through providing opportunities to learn and develop.

• Continue contributions to charitable organisations to assist those in need

• Start a collection of handy objects for the “Library of Things”.

Main challenges

• To collect, arrange, preserve and provide access to a comprehensive collection of resources, including specialist reference resources and books which will never be printed again but which reflect the history of print and story.

• To operate a multi-use, multi-space community library and library of things with a minimal budget and a wholly volunteer workforce.

• To provide ongoing workshops, activities, discussions, debates and speakers to meet community needs.

• To change people’s perceptions about what a library is and can be.

• To maximize use of recycled resources to create the multi-purpose library building, appropriate furniture for the library and its satellites, the Little Libraries and the Dayboro Conversation Club Box Library, using government funding, donations in kind, and of time, and philanthropic support.

• To work collaboratively with all sectors of Samford Commons and the wider community.

• To establish and maintain links with Moreton Bay Regional Council Library Service, the State Library of Queensland, and organizations such as Queensland Writers’ Centre, May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust and Children’s Book Council Australia.

• To support small local groups such as book clubs, writers’ groups, debating groups, music groups, camera clubs, and other special interest groups.

• To establish a comfortable, relaxed, welcoming environment for both users and voluntary staff.

Julie Martin. President Community Library Samford

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