Early in 2022 the Community Bank Samford advertised through Creative Samford for expressions of interest in designing a series of five panels to adorn the Bank’s wall facing Station Street.

 A series of conditions, included stipulations to represent past and present Samford, along with flora, fauna and buildings. 

Additionally a series of questions and quizzes for children, with answers to be found within the murals, were also to be incorporated into the panel designs. Small prizes would be given to children by the Bank for solving the riddles.

After much thought and collaboration between two members of Community Library Samford, a final concept design was submitted.

Imagine a river flowing through each of the panels, with a leaf floating on the river through the panels. In the background see the hills and sky. Add history, past, present, flora, fauna and buildings and that was the five panels completed.

To CLS great surprise, the design was a winner. In regular discussion with Community Bank Samford, several  small alterations were made to the original concept design, until finally, all changes were approved and all parties happy.

Designing and fitting structures for the panels to be fitted to the building wall proved to be yet another challenge – including a challenge to the budget! A solution was found.

The next step was organising several artists to paint the concept into reality. More hurdles arose with artists unwell and unable to complete their panel.

With perseverance and determination, the panels were finally completed and fitted to the Community Bank Samford building wall facing Station Street.

Quiet celebrations by all!

Finally the official unveiling took place on June 2.

Many members of the public have voiced their pride in living in the community and have lovely the panels and all they represent are.

Photos by Craig English photography

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