Offending Mona Lisa by James Golding

  What was all the fuss about? As she sat in front of the artist, she wondered why her husband wanted her portrait painted. To have another man look at her with such intensity and scrutiny for long periods of time filled her with embarrassment, forcing her to resist the urge to turn away, to […]

The Flower Farm by Leisa Golding

This is a short story about environmental devastation, selfish greed, pleasurable desires, living intelligently, and taking dynamic, selfless actions. When a recent wildfire destroyed a flower farm, the owner was devastated. The only item he saved from the fire was a large bag of sunflower seeds which he and his three employees had recently harvested. […]

Dream Catcher by James Golding

No one knew me, but everyone worshiped me. I reveled in their reverence; they embraced my creed with all their hearts, minds, and souls. The world that I envisioned was slowly taking shape. Each day more compounds were constructed, swallowing up masses of land to confine the hordes of prisoners. I coerced more commanders to […]

The Boy Who Made the Sun Cry by Leisa Golding

Long ago, before the world as we know it had seven continents, the sun abandoned her usual routine and decided that she preferred to stay in bed with the covers over her head. The world was in darkness. Owls, bats, and other nocturnal creatures were in delight, whereas tiny sparrows and shy deers were in […]

The Birth of Venus by James Golding

My life started eons before you mixed your paint. Eons before you first put brush to canvas. Mine was a miraculous conception, copulation of celestial magnitude. Everything was dark. Then everything was light. And finally, everything was a mixture of the two. I arose from the depths of that space. The space between the space. […]

Christmas Blues by Julie Martin

“What are ya doin’, throwin me out into the bitey night? Everyone else is stayin’ in, eatin’ pie and playin’ the pianola. So I snuffled up a few crumbs, alright a whole pie, off Uncle Alfie’s plate. He’s so tubby he didn’t need it and he shouldna left it on the floor. I know the […]

Darkness Surrounds Me by Julie Martin

Running. Gotta keep running. I can hear the baying, the slavering…funny I didn’t know men could do that. They’ve got dogs with ‘em but cattle dogs aint trackers. Running. Got to get to…can’t say it. Them white demons read minds almost but they won’ read mine. Getting closer. There’s the river. Into the reeds. Under […]

Lost? Lost… by Margie Riley

‘Got it? Wait here for me. When I get back from the supermarket we’ll go home.’ ‘Yes, of course I’ve “got it”. What do you take me for, stupid woman?’ I bite back a retort and spin away from my husband of fifty-one years so he won’t see the welling tears. ‘Okay, darling. See you […]

CHEESE PLEASE – By Mary Mageau

© Mary Mageau Another short piece from Mary Mageau – one of our best and most regular contributors – all about a simple day out. CHEESE PLEASE. A bright morning promised a warm, sunny day – we both needed a break – so what could be better than to head off in the car for […]

No Place For A Woman – By Mary Mageau.

¨No Place for a Woman¨ is a thoughtful offering from one of our regular contributors, about the very real problems that faced and probably still do face, women who live on very remote farms. Marie sat alone. Finishing her evening meal she gazed at the sun, a rim of orange over darkening hills. Her two […]