Would You Want This Job? by Paul Hannah

It is common for Australians to say that our politicians are overpaid, they set their own wages and conditions and that they don’t earn the money they get. Why should we pay them anything? Last thing first. Politicians are paid as a result of an initiative proposed by the Australian Labor Party in the very […]

Rescued by Richard Carroll

1824 Moreton Bay, Qld On a bright September day, the 148-ton Amity rounded the northern end of Moreton Island and entered the much calmer waters of the bay. The Amity, built in New Brunswick, Canada, was a two-masted square-rigged brig, seventy-five feet six inches long. She was a pretty boat with pleasant clean lines, and […]

The Boy Who Made the Sun Cry by Leisa Golding

Long ago, before the world as we know it had seven continents, the sun abandoned her usual routine and decided that she preferred to stay in bed with the covers over her head. The world was in darkness. Owls, bats, and other nocturnal creatures were in delight, whereas tiny sparrows and shy deers were in […]

Hippiely Ever After by Ian Thomas

Having been an enthusiastic player of tin whistles in my youth, I decided in 1971 to take up the flute. Learning the fingering was easy enough but the awful noises I made while trying for tone were torture for me and, as I feared, for my neighbours. After much effort I learned to play along […]

Setting Goals by Fiona Taylor

Another new year has begun and if we haven’t felt the urge to set new goals then we are often reminded by those around us with the annual question. What is your new year’s resolution; what are you going to do better this year? But, is this the best way for us to enjoy life […]

On Loss by Vicki MacPherson

Bill Roorbach the author of Writing Life Stories, challenges memoir writers to a series of practical exercises with the aim of improving their writing. This exercise from page 75, “On…” encourages the writer to choose an abstract noun to go with ‘On’, something everyone can relate to, something we are all expert on. Then, just […]

Rolling Down A Mountainside In A Car Full Of Geese by Tony Cole

One fine summer while I was still living in England, I went down to the South of France to visit an old friend who lived on a farm there, and had an experience I would happily have missed, namely rolling down a French hillside in a car full of geese. We were heading to see […]

The Cry by Anne-Marie Hicks

              Waiting, will you come, I am Listening in the shore winds, In the clicking of palm fronds, Soft-sibilant through the mangroves, Wild-tossed waves on the bay. Silent feet on wet sand…? An empty impression, never yours, A small ocean roar around my head, The song I once played […]

The Night We Nearly Killed Wernher by Paul Hannah

When Neil Armstrong took that “One small step” he had an appreciation for the thousands of scientists and engineers that put him safely there. However, he probably didn’t know that the principal scientist in the Apollo program, Dr Wernher Von Braun, was himself very lucky to be alive, because some twenty-six years earlier, on the […]

The Birth of Venus by James Golding

My life started eons before you mixed your paint. Eons before you first put brush to canvas. Mine was a miraculous conception, copulation of celestial magnitude. Everything was dark. Then everything was light. And finally, everything was a mixture of the two. I arose from the depths of that space. The space between the space. […]