The Commandant by Jessica Anderson – Book review: by Mary Mageau

My copy of this book, The Commandant by Jessica Anderson, was purchased as a second hand copy from Booktopia. It arrived in perfect condition and has been donated to the Community Library. Once I opened its covers I became so absorbed in its rich content I could hardly close the book or put it down. […]

TheNovel & Brisbane Part 4: Transformation – By Richard Carroll.

The fourth and last look at various books and writers who have been inspired by Brisbane in one way or another.   Here Richard looks at more modern writers and their feelings about Brisbane. ——————————————————————– Many writers fled Brisbane during the Joh Bjelke-Petersen era (1968–87). Queensland has been represented in the past as a culture-less backwater […]

“The Epherium Chronicles – Crucible” Ebook Review

“The Epherium Chronicles – Crucible” is the name of this volume, in which we are taken into the deepest of deep space to discover what is happening to a spaceship full of colonists who departed the planet earth some 25 years ago on a journey to find a new home for humanity. The synopsis on […]

A Place to Escape From: The Novel & Brisbane Part 3

Richard Carroll continues his occasional series of reviews of books that in one way or another relate to the history of Brisbane and its wider area. Two novels of note with Brisbane as the setting were published in the decade following Vance Palmer’s works (see earlier post “Brisbane: A Prison Within a Prison”): The Delinquents […]

Perseverance Triumphant – Book Review

Gary Ruse, A most prolific and varied author has done it again.  This time he has ventured into the curious world of “Steam Punk” with his latest ebook.  With the wonderful title of “Perseverance Triumphant!” he takes us into a Victorian world which has developed space flight (among other technical marvels) owing to a box […]

Brisbane: A “Prison within a Prison” – The Novel & Brisbane Part 2

A Review Of Three Books About The History Of Brisbane – Richard Carroll. The first half of the twentieth century saw few novels written about Brisbane, or even Queensland. Three historical novels stand out in this period. The Romance of Runnibede by Steele Rudd aka Arthur Davis was published in 1927. Set on the Darling […]

The Left Bank – By Kate Muir. Review

  Here our intrepid book reviewer-in-Chief, Angela Galvin tells us (Briefly) about curious events in Paris. Red on…………. You are Invited to lose yourself in the glamorous world of Olivier and Madison Malin – glamorous French Philosopher and gorgeous American actress. There is lot of getting lost in this book – starting with the Malins […]

Freedom at Midnight Larry Collins and Dominique Lapiere

Freedom at Midnight Larry Collins and Dominique Lapiere – review by Angela Galvin. This isn’t an easy read but it is fascinating – I read this book when I was in my first or second year of high school. So reading it again now as an adult has been a delight. It isn’t for the […]

Review – The Postcard by Leah Fleming 

Not really a review, more a brief description of the main thrust of the story line of this highly readable book, by our own resident book reviewer, Angela Galvin. The Postcard by Leah Fleming Starting in Adelaide with the death of her father, an inheritance box of letters and keepsakes, Melissa embarks on a journey […]

Outposts by Simon Winchester – Review

And here is another review from our staunch reviewer, Angela Galvin, in which she tells you about a book that is obviously one that has given her no end of pleasure to read. Outposts by Simon Winchester Before I write another word I need to declare I love Simon Winchester – his books which combine […]