What it can do for you:

Caliber is a very impressive free-to-download program designed to convert almost all eBook formats to almost any other format, which means that regardless of where you find your eBooks, you can convert the files to make them acceptable to your eReader.

Rather than make this post a long description of the impressive capabilities of Calibre, the following list pretty well covers it all I think.

Kovid Goyal, who created this small masterpiece, has placed a number of practical demonstrations showing you how to use his program on their website. And also created videos to show you how to use the program.  An impressive man, Govid.

The only thing I will point out here is that this little marvel of a program is capable of running on all three major platforms, Windows, MAC or Linux.    Though apparently not yet on Android, so you will need a “normal” computer to use this software.  But once converted or organised, you can of course use your mobile phone ereader app if you wish.

Having read all about it, and watched all the videos, I would suggest you download the program and set to, hunting for all those free .TXT and HTML or any other format files out there, and merrily convert them to the format your eReader requires… and thus increase your eLibrary hand over fist at a rate of knots!

The eReading public should be extremely grateful to Kovid for his work in creating this program, and further, for being so public spirited as to make it free for all of us to use.   He is truly a Gentleman!

He is thoughtful enough to have a link on his site, by means of which one can donate money to help him continue to develop this software, and who knows what other pieces of software he has in his head, waiting to pop out?

Have fun using it, I do, and each time I use it, I send him positive thought waves, thanking him for his work, which, I for one appreciate enormously and have used almost weekly.

Link to http://calibre-ebook.com

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