Here we have another book review from our every busy Angela Galvin.

I read this book years ago as a child and found it in a second hand bookstore and thought I would read it again.

It is the thoroughly delightful tale of Gerald and his enduring love of animals. On this book he details his adventures after taking on  the role of student zookeeper at Whipsnade, the London Zoo’s country location.

From Getting to know the bears, Bisons, Zebras and Albert the Lion.  His insights and anecdotes are a great read.

My favorite chapter is about Peter the Giraffe who lost his mate and having gone off his food the zoo keepers introduce Billy a shaggy goat –

“Peter would gaze down at his friend’s squat, pinky,straw colored body with limpid eyes, nuzzle him with the utmost gentleness and affection and step over him with great care. “

If you are looking for a funny easy book to read anything of Gerald Durrell’s is the perfect choice.

You can buy this classic at any good bookseller, or even – dare I suggest it, from Amazon by following this link: Click Here

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