Green carpet has been laid


Many thanks to Peter Dunn of Good as Dunn earthmoving for going out of his way to arrive first thing the other morning with no-one able to be on site in the afternoon. All the drainage gravel has now been spread between the two big “book cases” (being the two containers) and over the trailer […]

Current Library Situation | July 2023

Books sale 2023

As of July 2023, the library finally achieved a very special goal of having all the Keepers (main collection of books) housed in one place. The Keepers are together for the first time in almost three years of the Library being homeless. At this stage the Keepers are yet to be unpacked and shelved and […]

Nine Tonnes of Books Up in the Air

On an overcast foggy morning, a 25 tonne Franna crane ventured out from Albany Creek and travelled to Wights Mountain for a very special project. Project Book Move – the easiest moving of the nine tonnes of “Keepers” (being the main book collection) the Community Library has ever had. 

Community Library Samford Members Win Community Bank Samford Mural Design


Early in 2022 the Community Bank Samford advertised through Creative Samford for expressions of interest in designing a series of five panels to adorn the Bank’s wall facing Station Street.  A series of conditions, included stipulations to represent past and present Samford, along with flora, fauna and buildings.