Success! Despite Short Notice of the Two Day Book Sale

Book Sale 2023 success

Despite a very short marketing frame of two weeks, the two day book sale was a great success. Many thanks go to David Reed of Samford Scouts in helping ensure the event was a great success.  Thankfully the weather held up until the end of Sunday, despite clouds showing every intention of dropping rain bursts. […]

City of Moreton Bay Provides Support to Update Equipment

Moreton Bay support

As CLS seven year old A3 Brother printer had begun to develop quirky habits and the external hard drives had started to show faults when checked by a computer technician, their life cycle was obviously coming to an end. Fortunately, the City of Moreton Bay had recently opened a new round of Local Community Support […]

Sunshine and Ambient Temperatures

Saturday’s (26th August) car boot sale at the Samford Valley Community Church turned out to be a fabulous success both in weather, vendors and attendees. As clouds moved across the sky, sunshine streamed from behind. Prospective buyers also streamed in throughout the day, with many walking away with armfuls of goodies from the multiples of […]

New volunteer

Rumble new volunteer

While National Book Lovers Day was on Wednesday 6th August, the nearest book dayfor CLS was Thursday afternoon 10th August. Senior volunteers arrived on site, opened up both the containers and set up ready for anafternoon of shelving books.

Book delivery service

Book delivery service

A new service to the public is currently under evaluation. The service aims to provide a free book delivery service to those who are confined to home. In 2017 CLS ran a similar service “Library Bags” which operated through Samford Support Network to their clients. The new service idea is further expanded to include certain […]

Why was the SCHUB Declined?

Much community interest was aroused when the Community Library Samford declined the invitation to sub-lease space at the Samford Parklands Community Hub (SCHUB).

Offending Mona Lisa by James Golding

  What was all the fuss about? As she sat in front of the artist, she wondered why her husband wanted her portrait painted. To have another man look at her with such intensity and scrutiny for long periods of time filled her with embarrassment, forcing her to resist the urge to turn away, to […]

How to Survive in a French Village by Tony Cole

PART TWO The procession of floats through Bains les Bains each year was a sort of social high point in the wider area around Fontenoy.  As I said above, all the local villages built some sort of a float for this very important and much loved event in the yearly calendar.   I took part in […]

How to Survive in a French Village by Tony Cole

  PART ONE When we got to Fontenoy le Chateau (a small village in the low Vosges) in 1997, we knew absolutely no one, and to be honest we had moments of wondering what on earth we were doing, coming to a small community in a country we really only knew from holidays (and in […]