Christmas at the Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond

This is pure poolside/ rainy afternoon fodder. Not difficult to read and lovely characters – set in an off-beat place that leaves you feeling happy and content.

Evie has inherited her aunt’s beach-side cafe in some lonely spot in the UK.  The story follows the compilation of a recipe book: some of her aunt’s recipes, some from other sources. 

There are some real laugh-out-loud moments, and lots of warm fuzzy moments too. The Chocolate Log Recipe is fantastic – I made it over the Christmas break.

I read this in an e-book but I did copy the recipes into my recipe folder. I love a book that leaves you with something tangible.

Singularity by Bill DeSmedt

This book is essentially a thriller set in contemporary times.

Throwing together some global warming – some,  let’s say “dodgy” but plausible-in-theory physics, a beautiful girl, a ruggedly handsome bloke, a luxury super yacht – and it’s basically James Bond and his chick against the forces of evil.

But it is well written – the moments when they are somewhere where they shouldn’t be are described so well that you feel nervous for them and if you are like me you read faster – lol.

It won’t win a prize but it’s a great story with a really innovative premise at its core.

Maybe not a poolside book but if you love the Ludlum/LeCarre style you will enjoy this.

The Sisters by Kate Forster

Not a literary classic by any means but a thoroughly enjoyable feel good storyline with some laugh out loud moments.

Basically the sort of three sisters: the spoiled brat, the aloof one, and the hard working conscientious one. Enter family upheaval and what ensues is a delightful tale about adults growing up.

The characters are interesting and engaging but there is no real depth to either them or this book; it’s just a great read, the perfect escape from a frantically busy work week or that mountain of ironing.

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