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You may not be aware of what Denise and her husband are doing, but if you check out her Facebook group or her website you will discover that they are seriously active as conservationists. Links at the bottom of this page.


Why my empty Xmas Stocking was the best present of all!!

Do hope you are all having a wonderful end of year break…and that you got lots of lovely treasures in your Xmas Stockings! You’ll never guess what I found in mine!! A litter of Antechinus babies!!or where I found them – LOL!!! in the glovebox of the car !! Holy moly!!

I found them on Xmas eve, they were all over the inside of the glovebox, such tiny wee tots, so many of them, to my horror with no mother to be found. I gave them an old sock for Xmas and shut the glove box carefully, hoping like heck the mother would return but worried, as I now understood why Pinky the dragon had been sitting behind the car, day after day. Later I went to check..they were all cuddled up in the sock, bless their little hearts. One was lying with its mouth wide open as if it had fallen asleep snoring.

In the evening, I went to check again, opening the glovebox just a crack, ever so carefully. Thank heavens she was there, peering out at me and shivering in fear. I spoke gently, “. It’s ok, little Ant” then shut it again. I couldn’t wait to go and check on them Xmas morning. She was still there with them, this time taking fright and slipping out of the glove box to safety in the dashboard, with all the babies hanging on to her – WHAT A SIGHT!! – I had tried to get pics but it was dark and they were impossibly fast.

Again, I gently shut the glove box hoping they would all be ok. Xmas night again she was there, all cuddled up in the old sock. (I am so thrilled I have finally found a use for old socks!!) This time she was less freaked by me peering in through the crack. BOXING DAY morning, I arrived to find sock empty, family gone. She’d thankfully moved them to a safer place. Just as well I hardly ever go out, and don’t often need the car. Such a pity I wasn’t able to get any pics, so you will all just have to make your own virtual ones. I did find an Antechinus later in the garden as a rather poor compensation prize tho. Lucky little Ants – it was very cold last night, so they are most likely to have escaped any reptile predation. Good luck and happy lives little Ants!

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