On Saturday, join us at three for our THREE O’CLOCK BOOK CLUB.

Doesn’t matter what you read or who you are, if you revel in reading, come join us for a cuppa and a chat. Bring a book you loved or hated to talk about. Fiona and I have recently read Liane Moriarty’s “The Husband’s Secret” and have enjoyed discussions about the concepts of justice and punishment. Jo read “Tom Petrie’s Reminiscences of Early Queensland” and was confronted by some of the content. the ensuing lively discussion revolved around how we interpret the lore of other cultures. Not all discussions are deep, many are funny as we try to “sell” a book we have read to a fellow reader. COME JOIN US.

As you can see below, we can offer you a cuppa and some extremely comfortable chairs, and most importantly, a really friendly atmosphere.

So, drop by and enjoy yourself with us.



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